VPS Plans

Business VPS

$ 3
77 Monthly
  • 1GB RAM
  • 60GB Disk Space
  • 1TB Band Width

Professional VPS

$ 10
34 Monthly
  • 2GB RAM
  • 80GB Disk Space
  • 3TB Band Width

Enterprise VPS

$ 14
16 Monthly
  • 4GB RAM
  • 100GB Disk Space
  • 5TB Band Width

Fully scalable to grow with you

Scalability is the capability of a system, network, or process to handle a growing amount of work, or its potential to be enlarged to accommodate that growth.[1] For example, a system is considered scalable if it is capable of increasing its total output under an increased load when resources (typically hardware) are added. An analogous meaning is implied when the word is used in an economic context, where a company's scalability implies that the underlying business model offers the potential for economic growth within the company.


Instant provisioning

We realize how long it can take for most VPS hosting companies to send you your login information from the point of your order. In fact we ran a completely unofficial test ourselves with six of the top VPS host's in the industry... getting the results (and root access) took longer than we liked, which is why we've make time-to-provisioning a top priority when you sign up.

All VPSLink accounts will generally be provisioned within 30 minutes of your order. This is due to our completly custom written VPS administration and provisioning system. If you do not receive your information within this amount of time, feel free to submit a ticket to check on the status, although we will try to inform you as soon as possible if there was a problem in setting up your account. Don't take our word for it though,


Best VPS Hosting Price

We provide SSD based premium VPS hosting service at the most competitive price on the internet. Our low cost VPS hosting India plans is a fully managed hosting service. You can upgrade or downgrade the Linux VPS hosting resources, install customize applications and run any program. Compare our US and India VPS hosting plans head-to-head with other providers and see the difference. We are one of the best and cheapest VPS hosting.


Why choose Keep On Host for your VPS?

Cloud Infrastructure

All our VPS hosting plans are deployed on 100% cloud infrastructure with built-in SSD storage for better performance and reliability.

Resource Monitoring Dashboard

With the help of simple and user-friendly dashboard, you can reboot VPS, monitor memory usage, server load and manage other configurations of your VPS server.

Instant Upgrade

Need more RAM, CPU or SSD Storage to meet your increasing requirements? We can quickly upgrade the Linux Hosting VPS resources for you in few clicks.

VPS Server Technical Specifications

Our cheap VPS hosting plans give you more power and flexibility to run and test wide range of applications. You are the boss of your VPS hosting. Here is the list of standard VPS hosting features:

CentOS, Ubuntu and Debian
SSD StorageVSphere
Windows and windows servers
Tier IV Data CenterSAN Storage
Subversion Repository Juniper Networks
Quick Vertual access DDos mitigation

Your Choice Of Operating System

With Keep On Host Linux VPS Hosting, we provide multiple Linux OS options with full root SSH access. You can select the operating system of your choice.

The available options are :

  •  CentOS
  •  Ubuntu
  •  Debian
  •  Suse
  •  Windows